Supporting the teachers

Out of the 400 children nearly 220 children won't be able to pay their school fees.  The others; half, less than half and a few would pay the total amount.  The total amount for per annum  is nearly 150 euro. 


This is less than what the government has fixed as school fee for our school.  The amount includes 4 sets of uniform, books, tuition fee, note books, computer fee and any other expenses.

It is only with this amount we need to pay the teachers as well.  Despite nearly 10 of us (from the vidiyal community) giving free service to the school we need to pay another 15 other teachers and staff regularly.   They more or less get about 5,000 rupees.  Nearly 80 euro.  A teacher like them in a government school gets about 30,000 rupees.  6 times higher. 


My expectation is to give them at least 10,000 rupees to our teachers.  This is 150 Euro a month!  That would be the least decent salary in our present situation.

NEW BUS to provide transport for children

Nearly 300 of the 400+ children need to come to the school by vehicles provided by us as there is no public transport reaching more than 80% of these village.

The furthest distance some children have to come from is 27 kilometers from the school.  It takes about one hour for these children to reach the school from their homes.

We have four school buses at the moment.  But this is how children arrive the school.  Packed and some children have to stand.  A 40 seated bus brings about 80 children. 

September end coincides with the quarter yearly holidays for children.  It would be about 10 days.  We have to get a new vehicle and sell the present one during this period.
One of the many purposes of my travel last three weeks was to try collect some money for a new school bus. appealing to my friends and well wishers.
The cost of the new vehicle after much bargain with the vehicle company was brought down from 1,600,000. to 1,400,000 which is 20,000 Euro


High School children Support

More children are coming through to the level of education where they need supporting to reach their final years.

For the first year there are 60 students who will be supported. The annual cost per student is 80 euros.  The trust is looking for new funds.  A team in Belgium is prepared to take this up as a challenge.  

Fund raising

Our followers over the world are impressed in our community and the projects we are working on to help the local young people and single parents.  ​One way the followers have helped is by fund raising.  These funds have gone a long way to make our the community it is today.  May they continue to make our community grow.