Vidiyal Community!  introduction by Fr. Leonard

22 years back we made our dwelling in a tiny little village called Vellakulam, Tamilnadu, in South India.  Together with five women I started a movement committed to the empowerment of women and children who were denied due rights  in the society.  Today, the community has grown into 20 members.  Unconsciously but definitely with the grace of God, Vidiyal community has emerged as an alternative form of religious life.
•    We federated thousands of women mostly from dalit communities.
•    We work among HIV infected persons
•    We have a home for destitute children. 
              There are 60+ inmates at the moment.
•    We have a school with 400+ children
•    We do Para-legal aid to the rural populace


Join Hands for the Children!

Chirumalar school is the first school in the state with Constructive Pedagogy.  It is a 9 year old school started with definite purpose of providing standard education to the poor and neglected children of rural Tamilnadu, India.

At present, we have more than 400 children in the school.  All the 400+ children are from the rural areas in and around Vellakulam a tiny little village in Tiruchirappalli district of Tamilnadu.  In fact there are 330 villages and from nearly 60 villages children come to the school.  
70% of these children are dalit children.  More than 40% of the children are girls.  Objectively speaking, It is a remarkable achievement for a rural school in India!

Through a long struggle we have achieved two very good schools one for the primary and the other for the high school.  Good and trained teachers, Good labs, Good library, Good computer centre in one of the schools, Good audio visual set up in one of the schools, good school ground and Good atmosphere are some of the major plus points of the school.

By ourselves we could not have achieved what we have reached.  Many well wishers and agencies helped us reach this point.  But it is high time that all the good work that we have done and achieved need to be consolidated and sustained for many years to come.