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September 14, 2020

COVID impact

COVID has not only impacted daily living, but more important it has had a devastating effect on communities in need's health.

September 30, 2017

Our website is live

The new website for our community

August 18, 2016

Get involved in Belgium

A team in Belgium are willing to help

October 21, 2017


Donations are needed to continue

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Tablets for students

Tablets for students

Tablets for Students is an initiative to help the students continue their studies online whether at school or at home.
During the pandemic, the school had to close but the studies continued online. Most students had difficulties as they did not have the tools at their disposal. This year we want to help to study uninterrupted. By donating €100 you can help to buy tablets for the students.

Our students

Our students

The tuition fee for the students is important. for €80 a year we can sponsor a student and pay for their fees. They have two years of studies to complete.

Our teachers

Our teachers

The teachers are passionate about helping these students. They turned down the opportunity to work in a state school with a secure salary. By working at Chirumalar school the teachers see the true value of their teachings. This is why they are there. If we can help to pay for part of their salary it helps the school to keep the teachers. Every euro we raise helps the education of the students and keeps the community together.