Chirumalar Constructive Pedagogy

Higher Education Support

"Supporting the children completing high school to continue their education" is the core theme of the  project.  When the children complete high school they are in the age of 15 or 16!  If they can complete 2 more years of higher secondary or after that 2 or 3 more years of professional studies, they can get jobs with a satisfaction.  But it is at this crucial stage a lot of children especially in the rural areas such as ours drop out and get into any type of cheap labour that is available to them.  Parents force most of the girl children to get married.
In the first year i.e. in 2018, The project would support 60 deserving children from different villages to continue their 11th standard i.e. the first year of higher secondary school.
In the second year those 60 children who would have moved to the 2nd year and final year of higher secondary and  another 60 who would join the first year.  Therefore in the second year of the project it would be 120 students who will be supported.
The deserving children would be helped basically with the Tuition fee, books and Note books. For each child we would need 6000 INR per annum i.e. more or less 80 Euros.
Completion of higher secondary schooling is not only a great blessing in the life of a rural student but that would be the launching pad for any job orientation.

Description of the beneficiaries:

Students in the age group of 16 to 18 would be supported.
60 children would be chosen each year to be supported.  They are from our own school who complete the 10th standard, this also would include children from our home for destitute children and also from the nearby government schools.  These children are also from the lower strata of the society.  Most of them are dalits and girls.
They will be supported for two years
They will be from our rural areas.  Girl children, Dalit children and Economically poor children would benefit from the project.
From the second year of the project it would be a total of 120 children supported by the project.