Japanese Fundraising Lunch

The fundraising Japanese lunch was a great success.  It was a full house and the food was amazing!  Thank you to all the guests who joined the event.

The volunteers of this event were :

Yayoi Kabashima
Mai Oe
Yoko Okamoto
Yuki Ishizumi
Maori Tanaka

First of all, we would like to express our appreciation to these five Japanese ladies who worked so hard to prepare, serve, and make the event so successful.
We were very happy to hear that they actually enjoyed so much the time they spent together as a team and being involved in this fundraising event.  They also mentioned that they would be interested in organizing more fundraising events for us in the future!!

Secondly, we would like to say thank you to all the guests who participated in this event and bought cards and gave extra donations on the day.

We were very pleased to receive positive feedback about the food and expressed interest to support us in future events.

Thirdly, it made the event more meaningful for us all to have Father Lobo with us who could share the knowledge on Indian education and his amazing experience with students at Chirumalar School.  It was also very helpful for everyone to listen to the clear explanation given by Robert from Proma asbl on how PROMA asbl has been supporting the financial side of our fundraising activity.

Lastly, we really appreciate Mr. Yamamoto from Aoitori who kindly accepted the last minutes invitation and took wonderful photos during the event.  It was culturally entertaining for the non-Japanese guests to be able to hear about some Japanese culture from him during the meal.

We raised 299,70 Euros on the day.  This will be deposited to Proma asbl which helps our financial transaction to Chirumalar school in India.

As an organizer, I was so happy to see everyone smiling and to hear how much everyone enjoyed the food and the atmosphere of the event.  That was the aim of the charity event!  It was a fantastic team effort!!!

Stay tuned for the next fundraising event.  If you have any good ideas for future events, we would like to hear from you!!

Our photo album is available on our facebook page.  Please have a look.

OurNewChapter Facebook photo album


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