Charity Concert

Music is an attraction which brings people together to share their enjoyment for an evening concert.  The aim for the evening is to raise money via donations and the entry fee.

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Christmas Ornament Sale

For Christmas 2017 we sold many beautiful Christmas ornaments.  All the profit has gone towards the project.  We participated in some school Christmas events and school festivals in Brussels and Tervuren.

If your school or organisation has an event in which we may participate, we will be happy to come and sell our wooden ornaments from the Black Forest in Germany. Please contact us if you are interested in helping us in this way.

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Indian Tea Parties and cooking lessons

What better way to indulge in the delights of Indian traditions than to have a tea party.  The event is prepared by our Indian friends providing authentic tastes of India.

To follow up on the tea parties come Indian cooking lessons.  Our friends again will offer to share how to tickle your taste buds by combining spices to your dishes to extend the flavours of the South East Asia.  For each participant we offer the recipes and the spices and rice to help you try out the delicious dishes.

For details about how to participate, contact us.


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Family Walk

Together with the family, why not take a Sunday afternoon stroll around the beautiful countryside of Waterloo.


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From now till June

We are planing many different activities to promote and raise awareness of our new chapter.

The children need help to continue their education and we will raise the funds to make this possible for them.

Some ideas for this year

Collection boxes to collect loose change of which people do not know what to do.

Indian Tea Party - raising awareness and donations.

Family Walks in the beautiful Belgian country side.

Organising a Charity Concert.

Selling Cards and earrings made by the Vidiyal Community.





Next Steps...

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